Name How To Obtain Notes
Speedy Drift Do a Tokyo Drift for at least 1.5 seconds. Drift by moving against a wall you can't climb.
High Jump Jump off a wall or building prop for at least 9-10 seconds. The object must be 25-30 ft.

Respawn Master

Respawn Lord

Respawn Overlord

Respawn King

Respawn Omega

Fall off a map.

Fall off a map and respawn 2 times.

Fall off a map and respawn 10 times.

Fall off a map and respawn 20 times.

Fall off a map and respawn more than 40 times!

Respawn a total of 1,000 times.

Respawn Omega was supposedly added.
Drift King

Drift Lord

Drift Omega

Drift Wizard

Drift for 10 seconds.

Drift for 50 seconds.

Drift for 100 seconds.

Drift for an entire minute.

These are the hardest in the game.

Hard Rollin

Mega Rollin

Super Rollin

Omega Rollin




Roll for 10 seconds.

Roll for 50 seconds.

Roll for a minute.

Roll for two minutes.

Roll for 3 minutes.

Roll for an hour.

WizardRollin is the 2nd hardest, because you have to roll for 60 minutes.
The Line's Movin

The Line's

Still Movin

The Line

Is Still Movin

The Line Continues To Move

The Line

Is Not Moving

Move on the line.

Move on the line still.

Move on the line for some more.

Move on the line for alot more.

Move on the line without doing anything.

Roll on at least a line in a map.

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