Cyber 8 ( is a Polish YouTuber famous for "George Cures Autism" and "Peppa's Basement" He makes funny short 3D movies and films and appears to be obsessed with cannibalism.


  • Magolor
  • suzie (from planet robobot)
  • haltmann
  • kirby
  • taranza
  • queen sectonia
  • fumu and bun
  • Parm and memu
  • Sanic
  • knackles
  • taels
  • CreationIsNotTheEnd

Dislikes Edit

  • stale prince polos
  • moldy bread
  • caillou
  • barney
  • when his vids are stolen by other users but dosen't care
  • Happy Appy
  • sour foods
  • Being erased
  • Peppa
  • YouTube in general
  • Reupload channels

Likes Edit

  • prince polos
  • kirby games
  • looney tunes
  • Świat według Kiepskich (polish drama)

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