u dumb hedgehog!

Dr Agg-Man is a professional chicken fryer and cousin of Dr. Robuttnik.


Dr. Agg-Man is a shameless supporter of the Food Babe. Gotcha!

He hates sanic and Theodore Ben Roosevelt is the Agg-Man.Cuach zoncka comez ant Sanic Conkuer (2080) kilz Sanic wit teh un shut tat killz Sanic teh hedhog.Dr.Agg-Man makz pup.Kaouz Ameralds mate Dr Agg-Man. He is the puppet villain of Dr. Robuttnik.

Agg-Man and the Food Babe Edit

Dr. Agg-Man is a pseudo-scientific supporter and follower of the extremely scientifically-inaccurate blogger Food Babe.

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