Did you know?

Part 1 Edit

  • The meme all started from a video of a currently deceased Youtube account.
  • Eggman was named because his head almost looks like the shape of an egg.
  • Sanic speed is the term used for naming something breaking speed of light.
  • There was a Robocraft glitch that caused players to go fast. This is the second time the term "sanic speed" was used in a glitch.
  • There is a Sanic nextbot in GMod that caused others to reskin it. Way to go! You spreaded it!
  • Sanic was created in an MS Paint render. Since then others begin doing Photoshop and other art types to continue this nice ol meme.
  • Sanic was edited to become others. Through MS Paint as well.
  • Sanic was the first meme to ever become born. through a type of painting item. Since then others were created like Mareo and even Taols.
  • It was speculated Sanic goes at the speed of light (about 186,000 miles a second). However he is still going faster than not even light, but enought to break the sound barrier, like Sanic.
  • He was featured as a symbol of speed. in MLG videos.
  • Sanic is currently the only sonic meme that was made in MS paint.

Part 2 Edit

  • Sanic made his way into Newgrounds through art. Since then, he is now a very strong meme. Spreading everywhere from Antartica to even Canada, he is the most famous ever.
  • He also appears in a skin, sadly the original Sonic was used.
  • Sanic is currently the sixth best MLG meme ever.
  • Sanic has made his way into art and recreations. A series of art known as Find the Sanics is currently being created, feauturing three games and loads of sanics, even bosses and rare types!
  • Sanic was not the only meme about Sanic made in MS Paint. He also was born with Taels and others.
  • The original Sonic caused a highly disrespected fanbase due to the meme. Shame on you, Sanic! (not really)
  • He was so popular, that there are 3d renders and others currently made.
  • The creator of his meme is 0nyxheart. RIP man, you made your first meme ever!
  • There is a game called "Sanic 2" that contains the fast music and Sanic himself. One powerup makes Sanic become Shadow (and calming the music so its not earraep).
  • The textures in Sanic 2 are highly weird.
  • In the second level the walls are someone looking from a wall.
  • Pinkie Pie makes an appearance in Sanic 2, however she's an enemy, not a powerup or a user.
  • His theme was so loud ,people died from ear bleeding and other ear suffocation types.
  • One level in Sanic 2 contains the same texture over and over.
  • Even one level in Sanic 2 caused seizures, LOOK AWAY IF YOU GET THE LEVEL THERE

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