Captain falcon falcon punch by ishmam-d8n4ux5

Captain Falcon using the Falcon Punch.

The Falcon Punch is a super-powerful move that is also a meme. Many meme characters from both MLG and YTP have used this move. It was invented by Captain Falcon and has since been used by many people.

Description Edit

The user charges up all of their energy into their fist, then charges at the opponent and punches them, leading to massive damage. Of course, this move has more power the more power and energy the opponent has: If they have more energy, they can power up the Punch easier. This makes the Falcon Punch an awesome move for powerful MLGers to have, despite its charge time.

Usage Edit

The first guy to use the Falcon Punch was Captain Falcon himself, having invented the move. The Falcon Punch is Captain Falcon's ultimate move and his most powerful. He has used it against many people and in the game Stupor Smesh Brers, where he was a main character. He eventually used it so many times, the Falcon Punch evolved into a really awesome meme that has also been used many times.

For some strange reason, the YTPer Sawneek also possesses the Falcon Punch. It is one of his most powerful and most used moves, and is his best physical move. Sawneek often uses it as a close combat attack to beat up scrubs. The fusion of him and Sanic, Saneek, also has this attack, but it's called Super-Falcon Fusion Punch when Saneek uses it.

After Shoop Da Whoop was defeated along with Ronald McDonald Trump by Saneek's Falcon Punch, he automatically gained the move, despite the fact he has no hands. When he uses this attack, a pure-red fist appears, then charges up energy until Shoop is ready to unleash it.

JOHN CENA, Doge, 7 Grand Dad and Spoderman are some of the many other users of this attack, each with different effects for each user. JOHN CENA's Falcon Punch makes earrape wrestling music start playing. Doge's Falcon Punch spawns many other mini Doge heads for a few seconds. 7 Grand Dad's Falcon Punch makes the Flintstones theme play on earrape for a minute before dying down. Spoderman's Falcon Punch causes Spoderman to gain dank MLG shades for a minute or two after the Punch hits. These shades increase Spoderman's sweg.

Trivia Edit

Sqeegee has his own version of the Falcon Punch called the Squid Punch. This attack is similar to the Falcon Punch, but doesn't take any time at all to charge and is slightly less powerful.