Find the Sanics is a game about collecting sanics and getting their information just by trapping them in a lazer walled room. It's like Slime Rancher. Except you have a gun to drop lazer walled rooms and right clicking to get information.

Game Mechanics Edit

Information Book Edit

The Information Book is a series of picked up information about your Sanics. The more information collected yields a larger paragraph.

Here's a table for information.

Percentage Information

to Yield

Words Picture Percentage* Remaining


10% 1 paragraph 250 0% 90%
25% 2.2 paragraphs 500 15% 75%
50% 4 paragraphs 1,000 35% 40%
100% All paragraphs Depends on the paragraph


100% 0%

Key: * v

  • Picture Percentage is honestly the amount of progress until the final picture.

The Collector Edit

The Collector is the nickname given to the gun [no official name] that is used in the Game. It is used to drop cages to stop Sanics from getting away [useful for Super Rares] and collect information.

There is a maximum amount of Energy in a Collector: higher upgrades = more Energy. Cages use Energy, and Information uses Ink.

Here's a table, again, for information.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7
100% 325% 800% 1415% 2875% 10000% 50000%
100% 325% 725% 1415% 2862% 10000% 50000%

Upper row: Energy

Lower row: Ink

When you run out of Energy, you need to find an Energy Packet on the map. Energy Packets refill 100-maximum of energy. Small packs are common, while massive packs [the highest] are REALLY FRIGGIN RARE BOY.

Ink can only be refilled if you don't hold onto the right part of your mouse.

Health Counter Edit

There is a health counter. Your character is not invincible, after all.

You start at Level 1, which you have 100 HP. When you upgrade, you get 300-750 HP.

The maximum level is 250,000, and the maximum HP is 1.950 quadrillion.

Region Indicators Edit

A Region Indicator is when the circle on your screen is...

  • a different shape
  • has a different color

There are 17 region types in the game.

  • Grasslands
  • Spawn Point [a random 3x3 place where you spawn]
  • Jungle
  • Sandlands
  • Desert
  • Muddy
  • Total Oceans
  • Islands
  • Swamp Forest
  • Swamps
  • Palace
  • Abandoned City
  • Abandoned Town
  • Ancient City
  • Volcano
  • Tornado Alley
  • Boss Arena
  • Upgrade Stations*
  • Shops*
  • Base*

* = This is not a real region. It is a minor region.

Sanics Edit

Sanics are the main collectible of Find the Sanics. There is a totalled 2,000 [316 bosses, becoming 2,316] Sanics.

Sanics are in 10 total rarities: Extremely Common, Very Common, Really Common, Common, Uncommon, Rare, Really Rare, Very Rare, Extremely Rare, Bosses*, Slipstream***, Reborn**, Pet*, Divine*, Mythical*, Unseekable*, and Extremely Massive*.

* = Even though it exists, it still doesn't count as a rarity

** Must be found at Ancient City, Palace, Boss Arenas, and can be randomly a secret Sanic found in your Daily Prize

*** Found in both Information Boxes, Pet Boxes, and Daily Prizes, but have a 1/1,000,000 chance of appearing outside

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