Fire Weegee is a new and intensely powerful form of Weegee the Pesky Plumber. It was discovered when Weegee absorbed the Master Fire Flower and rivals even Ultimate Weegee in strength.

Powers And AbilitiesEdit

Fire Weegee

Oh shit, it's him!!!

Normal Fire Flowers don't work on Weegee, but the Master Fire Flower can allow a transformation similar to that of Fire Malleo. Fire Weegee has strength and speed rivaling even Ultimate Weegee, and can throw gigantic green fireballs from his hands. These fireballs are made of the Weegee Death Stare and contain enough power to incinerate beings like Super Sanic in one shot. He can also fire deadly flaming lasers from his eyes, cover his entire body with flames to charge the opponent, and use all of base form Weegee's other abilities, except at a far greater extent.

When Weegee combines this form with the Ultimate form, he gets Ultimate Fire Weegee, with strength rivaling even Weegee's god forms. In this form, simply looking into his eyeballs will cause you to disintegrate like an intense fire. He is also nearly completely invulnerable to all attacks and can move at almost instant speeds.

Ultimate fire weegee

Ultimate Fire Weegee: We're screwed...

Weegee first discovered this form during the Fakegee War, when some Fakegees and Fakealleos became unhappy with how Weegee was treating them and broke off into a seperate faction. During this time of crisis, Suteegee tried to use a Fire Flower to turn Weegee into Fire Weegee, but it failed. Malleo later tried exposing Weegee to the Master Fire Flower, which turned him into Fire Weegee. At first, Weegee had immense difficulty handling such power, and could only use the form for 10 minutes. However, those 10 minutes allowed him to take out many Fakegees with little difficulty, including one-shotting 4 Fakegees with one green fireball, and even beat Fortran, his father, with only two attacks. Eventually, with the help of Malleo, Weegee managed to overcome these difficulties and let out the true power of the form. It is very clear that Fire Weegee is nearly unrivalled in strength, and may be the strongest of all of his forms besides Ultimate Fire Weegee and his God forms, Godgee and Super Saiyan God Weegee.

The first time Weegee used the form related to Sanic was when he transformed into it during the YTP War. In this encounter, Weegee showed to be so advanced at it, that he could, with help from Malleo, transform into it without a Fire Flower. He has since used the form only a couple times against Sanic.