~"Remember kids: God made you special, loves you very much, and watches everything you do, from the morning you wake up to the night you're asleep." creepy message to the viewer from Harry the Priest and Bobby the Doughnut Baker.

FundyTales is a short-lived show about two fundies named Bobby the Doughnut Baker and Harry the Priest whose 'adventures' focus in their Moscow (Russia) neighborhood about 'saving people from (supposed) sin', like having gay marriage or watching movies. In fact, Harry and Bobby are hypocrites, too. Harry and Bobby are gay and like listening to dubstep.

Harry and Bobby have been accused of traveling to America to visit the good atheist public schools, in order to have as many brainwashed followers as possible. Otherwise, they'l all go to hell!

Each lesson is ham-handed and moral, focusing on fundie stuff, like attacking gay rights, attacking the walt disney corparaton for everythings, attacking harry potter, attacking movies they haven't even watched to even attacking betty crocker for a dye-filled rainbow cake to celebrate gay rights and marrige freedom.