Shrimp n' Suites is the first episode of Hotel Magolor! So far, the idea is developing. N

Cast o' dem' Characters Edit

  • Magolor~ proud Shrimp n' Suites employee. Highly efficient and loves giving his visitors tiny shampoo bottles, but can become really obnoxious or upset of so much work at a time.
  • Marx~ Happy go-getter, but also a chatty, obnoxious, smiling, proud brat who tries a taste of Mario's Italian hazelnut chocolate bar. Lands himself into a fake tantrum when told by Mario that Marx is not allowed to use his ball inside the hotel room 213. Who knew a 20 yr-old could be as obnoxious as a 5 yr-old?
  • Mario
  • Luigi
  • Kirby~Causes mischief by exploring the hotel. At nighttime, Kirby hugs and snuggles the blanket in his bed and loves it soooo much, he wets it by accident. In the morning, he happily eats a HUGE breakfast of waffles, oranges and bacon.

The story takes place