Hyper Sanic is the form acheived when Sanic smokes MLG weed while using the MLG Chaos Doritos. If Sanic's dankness is high enough and the time is right, instead of turning into Super Sanic, our favorite hegehog will ascend into this form: the legendary Hyper Sanic. Hyper Sanic is pure white, though Call of Duty scrubs have made pictures depicting him as purple, light blue, red, rainbow, and even YELLOW!!!!!!! However, the true Hyper Sanic has always been white.


The legendary Hyper Sanic in all his MLG glory.

Hyper Sanic

The only reason Hyper Sanic is white is because fags can't make a gif. Oops! Press F to pay Respects to Shedew Hegehog, the person who added THE REAL Hyper Shedew


Hyper Sanic has all sorts of powers. In fact, Hyper Sanic is 420x more powerful than Super Sanic!!!! Hyper Sanic has all the standard powers of Sanic and Super Sanic, except that he also radiates an MLG aura that can protect him from attacks. Hyper Sanic is at a godly level, able to provide a challenge to such MLG gods such as MLG Shrek himself. Hyper Sanic is so powerful, in fact, he was actually able to hurt MLG Shrek with his Dankmehankmeha. Hyper Sanic even has a Sanicball form.

Powers are FAGGOT BLASTS, able to destroy any fag that complains.

Hyper sanic dank punch- powerful enough to knock god Weegee into another universe

Smoking weed-confuses and makes enemy high on dank shit

Final Move- 200B punches in an instant. can smack around MLG FUCKING SHREK

Teh speed of HYPER SANIC is about 420x more powerful then dank spine sanic, faggots may dis believe sanic will karate chop yo ass to teh next dimension

speed of hyper sanic is 420 Trillion times the speed of light, SCRUBS SUCK A DICKK TO THIS SPEED