I Love My Nephew! is Episode of Sanic Works At Pizza Hut. The episode is about Sanic's nephew visiting him at Pizza Hut while Mickey and Spiderman make spaghetti-onion pizza and Strawberry-Peach juice for Sanic's nephew and Jack Chick. Fumu and Bun help them have a nice visit, and Kirby causes mischeif at Pizza Hut (eating the food and causing a mess).

Truckers jack chick

Characters Edit

  • Spiderman(2012):
  • Mickey Monkey:
  • Kirby:
  • Anime Sanic:
  • Fundie named Jack Chick: (the guy who made religious-propaganda comic strips)
  • Fumu and Bun: (main characters of "I Love My Nephew!")
  • Rick the Hamster
  • Mr. Coconut (fundie dark matter)

Plot-line of the Episode Edit

~"No, Kirby, please don't inhale it, NOOO!"~ Fumu freaks out over Kirby about to eat ALL the spaghetti-onion pizza and ruin Sanic's day

~"I've got the perfect Christmas sacrifice this year; I wrote a strip called "This Was Your Pizzeria!"~ Jack Chick talking cool with the ladies at the table