MLG Shrek is a godly being and ruler of the MLG world. He is also a mentor to Sanic, and functions pretty similar to Beerus with Goku now that I think about it.. He trains Sanic to let out the MLGness inside of him. MLG Shrek has such powers, that a simple tap on the back obiterated Super Evil Rainbow Sanic and turned him into nothingness. MLG Shrek has powers so vast, they almost rival the almighty Gaben himself.

If someone is inside of MLG Shrek's swamp, he will destroy them, no matter who it is.

MLG Shrek is a member of the legendary God Trio led by Gaben. The third member is Snoop Dogg.

MLG Shrek is also the guardian of the legendary Chaos Doritos. He will protect them with his almighty life.

He has been defeated only one time, and that was when Gaben fought him and defeated him in an epic battle that destroyed and recreated 420 universes all at once. Besides Gaben, MLG Shrek is invincible. Not even the legendary Dankspine Doge Sanic was able to defeat him.

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