Rage Super Sanic is one of Sanic Hegehog's strongest forms. It is achieved when Sanic becomes incredibly angry while in Super form. When he is in Rage form, his entire body turns pure red, but when he powers up it begins flashing in numerous colors of the rainbow. His hair also extends and becomes pure red, but (again) flashes in numerous colors when he powers up. He is one of Sanic's strongest forms, more powerful than Hyper Sanic but weaker than Dankspine Sanic. He is 666x stronger and faster than Super Sanic.

Hyper Shedew Hegehog (Sanic Style)


Powers And AbilitiesEdit

Rage Super Sanic is not nearly as powerful as his rival transformation, Cosmic Sanic, but he does have powers that his rival does not, like being able to increase his power the angrier he becomes. Besides that, Cosmic Sanic is much better than Rage Super Sanic in almost all ways, but in fairness it is a much harder form to attain.

Rage Super Sanic has super-increased strength, speed and durability, and has all of the other powers of Super Sanic again, super-increased. He doesn't gain anything new, besides the ability to increase his power the angrier he gets, but it is still a very powerful form, able to go toe-to-toe against 50% Godgee and has been voted by scrubs as one of the best Sanic forms of all time. (It got #3 on the list, #1 being Cosmic Sanic.)


Many scrubs have noted that Rage Super Sanic bears a striking resemblance to Shadew Edgehog. I do see the resemblance, so you scrubs did get one thing right! (Besides Cosmic Sanic being the best form, everyone knows that.)

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