Reinbow Drty

Reinbow Drty's skin in Sanic Ball. Those lovely eyes...

~"Stare into my precious deep-sea blue eyes, intruder!"~ Reinbow, preparing herself and the enemy for battle

Reinbow drty is the best and most chatty friend of Ame. Reinbow's fantastic martial arts skills have earned her a one-way ticket to the Robuttnik Army, and she has assisted Magolor on Halcandra and the Lor Starcutter for quite some time.

Reinbow's Innocuous Face Edit

Reinbow is a light-yellow hamster with a lime-green tuft of hair on her forehead. Reinbow's eyes are blue and vivid with highlights, while her snout is slightly darker yellow with two red cheek blushes, a nose, a mouth and six whiskers. Her ears are short but floppy.

Several times of Reinbow's life has she enticed her 'victims' with her sweet, charming face. When she is about to head into combat with an intruder, her eyes double-sparkle and places her paws on her face, smiling. Then she pounces towards the enemy and begins a fight involving twirling, punching and slapping.

Why is Reinbow a Master of Twirling? Edit

When Reinbow was a well-seasoned student of Robuttnik's Royal Academy, she learned many subjects regarding martial arts. Twirling, however, became her favorite attack as she'd spin the enemy in the air, making the enemy dizzy and confused, which lights a candle to Reinbow's battle!

Reinbow and Robuttnik's Royal Academy Edit

Reinbow feels very bright and optimistic about her career as a martial artist. She has a RRA degree in battle and, despite her rowdy-fighting behavior, she is very kind around people, and is rather outgoing.

Secret Edit

she likes tacos made of aggman