Rouge the Butt is a shitty Sanic "fan character" made by the idiots using this wiki. They make Furries get fucking wild boners because of her fucking bat ass, what the fuck. Oh, did I say BONERS, heh, It's not only the males my friend. All the other 32 fuckin' genders that people made are included, what a waste of society. Also, many fanfictions were made of her by, you guessed it, furries. They are eh, too explict to show, so here's a sample from a story. "rouge go fart fart fart fart on the clowns and shoot thum plus tbag there fat corpse" Fuck you, furfags.


If you had not been so selfish your furry hentai's disintegration would have been quick and painless but now that you furfags PISSED ME OFF, I'm gonna finish it, nice and SLOW. Me and your "yiffing" shit are gonna have a, HELL OF A TIME!

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