A racing game about going very fast.
— Creator of the Game

Sanic Ball is a racing game created by BK-TN. Each character is in the form of a ball (or an egg for Aggmen or a crocodile for vactor) and must race in 5 different maps. Each character play the same while one has a special trait. It has been cancelled once, but then went back on it's feet.



Gameplay Edit

Sanic Ball plays like your standard racing game, however, going off track doesn't actually decrease your speed. The game is a tricky game for starters as it's easy to go too fast and run off stage. Each track/level is different, meaning each time you race the game will be completely different.



The rootin' tootin' gameplay!


All the characters.

Characters Edit

Sanic Ball has 13 characters, each having similar gameplay. Some are in different sizes and some have a special trait.

Character List
Character Name Colour Special Traits
Sanic Blue with Tan Skin I have a big pee pee
Knackles Red with Tan Skin I have a big pee pee
Taels Yellow and White This character will fly with his 2 taels.
Ame Roes Pink with Tan Skin I have a big pee pee
Shedew Black and Red with Tan Skin I have a big pee pee
Roge da Bat White I have a big pee pee
Asspio Pink/Purple with Tan Skin I have a big pee pee
Big da Cat Purple and White, along with Yellow Eyes This character is very big.
Dr. Aggmen Tan Skin and Orange Mustache This character is shaped as an egg, doesn't affect collision
Chermy Bee Yellow and Black with Tan Skin I have a big pee pee
Sulver Silver with Tan Skin I have a big pee pee
Vactor Brown with beige lines I have a big pee pee
Super Sanic Yellow/Gold with Tan Skin This character had the MLG effect where you're incredibly fast and you're screen is colourful and filled with MLG. You also had a weed trail behind you and you can go up to many MLGs/hour in older versions, now you just go fast and have a weed trail behind you.
Shrek Green or Lime

To play as this character, you must say Shrek in chat to turn you and the other players into Shrek. This is client-sided only, so it only changes for you.

Uses the powers of other characters.

2 to the 1 to the 1 to the 3

Race Tracks Edit

Green Hill ZoneEdit

Green Hill Zone is the first stage in the game, it's a good level for beginners as the paths are not confusing and there isn't much to worry about, excluding the water which kills you upon touching it. it is fast

Green Hill Zone (revamped)

is the first stage of the game replacing the original in version 0.8.0.

it's barely similar to the original as it has different structures such as a loop ala sonic 1 and dash panels ala sonic adventure 2 that we're not the original

Flame CoreEdit

Flame Core is one of the harder stages, supporting more complicated design, lava pits and a volcano. The level is all over the place at points, but sometimes it's just a flat surface to the finish.

Ice MountainEdit

Ice Mountain is considered the hardest stage in the game, tied with Rainbow Road. It takes place on a snowy mountain, however it doesn't contain ice physics. This track is very easy to fall off on and it's not a track for speed, not reccommended for beginners.

Rainbow RoadEdit

Rainbow Road is based off of the famous Mario Kart track found on the last cup, meaning this level will be hard. This level supports a lengthy rainbow road with stars and the earth in the background. The level is not for beginners.

Dusty DesertEdit

Dusty Desert is probably the easiest level in the game, there are no hazards to get in your way and the whole land is almost flat, a great level for beginners as they can go fast and enjoy the level easily! This is the latest level.

Racing Mechanics Edit

The game is pretty simple, you must go through every cyan ring located in the stage and complete multiple laps. If you miss a ring, you must go back and go through it or else the other rings will not count, meaning you can't end the race. At the start and end of the race, there is a flag which is where the last cyan ring is located, going through that ring will finish the lap your on or finish the race if your on the last lap.

This game is very speedy and it's easy to go off track, usually sending you to death. The speed is measured in fasts/h and when the meter gets high, the sanic tune plays.


Jump on SlopesEdit

If you're on a slope, it's recommended you jump to get higher height and speed, this'll help in many races if your right behind your opponents.

Jump to ClimbEdit

If you're trying to run or climb up a wall, you can jump to improve your overall climbing abillities as it'll move up the slope/wall.


Even though it's a Sanic game, it's not reccommended that you go fast in this game, especially as Super Sanic. Your fast speed can send you flying off the stage and makes other stages like Rainbow Road and Ice Mountain harder, and since your speed is doubled as Super Sanic, it'll be harder to stay on the race track. The only stage where this isn't really needed is Dusty Desert because of it's flat and bland landscape, allowing easy shortcuts.

Mobile VersionEdit

A mobile version of the game has been made, not by the game's creator however. It has all the features from the PC game though the textures are glitchy and pixelated.

Differences to PCEdit

  • There's now a Run button that increases your speed.

Easter EggsEdit

Green Hill ZoneEdit

By entering a secluded area within the map, a Sanic ball will be seen tucked into the mountain. Due to its size, it cannot be seen from above. Further off the map, an MLG-ified Thomas the Dank Engine can be found.

Flame CoreEdit

By driving off the race and climbing a mountain range, one can see a giant statue of Shrek. This was discovered by Pewdiepie in his Sanicball video. By following the path to the Shrek Statue, you can find an extra circular race track. This is believed to be the "beta" version that BK-TN must've worked on before making the final stage.

Ice MountainEdit

Near the part where you drive under a natural bridge, by driving off the path you can find a green, white-spotted Vinesauce mushroom, similar to the 1-Up mushroom from Mario Bros.

There is also a "HILARIOUS EASTER EGG" located off the track and on the mountain.

Rainbow RoadEdit

A view of Earth can be seen from the track, something not seen in the Mario Kart series. In addition, it is possible to drive and park on the stars.

Dusty DesertEdit

By driving off the track and off the map, an oasis can be seen with most of the characters from the game. In addition, there is a Sanic ball seen by driving above the left side of the cliff.

Future VersionEdit

After a period of hiatus, Sanic Ball has now been put back onto development and planned concepts have been mentioned on the Sanic Ball tumblr page.

Rainbow road swag

Rainbow Road, as seen when the shaders are used. Shown on the website.

Planned ConceptsEdit

  • New system for AI-pathfinding. Less lag.
  • Completely written menu system, using Unity’s new UI tools.
  • Neatly decorated lobby for "comfy multiplayer sessions".
  • Camera is being updated, maybe.
    • For this, an old camera option may be added.
  • Super Sanic may be hidden away into a secret game mode.
  • Hats have been considered.

Used ConceptsEdit

  • Engine upgrade to Unity 5, with improved shaders, image effects and physics. The stuck-in-ground bug is finally fixed!


A full gallery can be found here.