Sanic Domination (aka Galaxy of Sanics) is a game created by NotSega. The game is about purchasing ships and trying to dominate the galaxy by declaring war or peace against others.

There are currently eleven types of ships:

Miners Edit

Miners are the starting ships in the game. They can't fight, however they mine. They mine giant asteroids of Titanium, Palladium, and other materials.

Being 10-25 km in length, they are the smallest ships ever.

Frigates Edit

Frigates have weapons and are able to fight. They also can carry ore by Miners and haul to trade with others.

Being 26-35 km in length, they are larger than an Advanced Miner. However, the ships are weaker than a Advanced Miner.

Frigater Edit

Frigaters are upgraded Frigates. Like the Frigates they have weapons and can trade. However they are larger and can hold more space.

Being the same size as a Frigate, however they have larger containers.

Destroyer Edit

They are large ships that can hold pilots and fight. With these you can dominate anything in your wrath.

They are 36-45 km in length.

Cruiser Edit

Don't mistake cruisers for the large ships, These cruisers have large guns, able to carry pilots, unable to warpdrive and are slow. A cruiser is 46-38 km in length. They can hold from only one passenger to 50 passengers.

Battlecruiser Edit

The largest of the cruisers. Coming in from small fighters to very large ships with complicated roughts, these ships can hold 150-1250 passengers, take paths to the pilot room, and be larger than a spacebase.

A spacebase is 96 km in length. Battlecruisers are 39 to 125 km in length.

Battleship Edit

Upgrade to the Battlecruisers.

They are 39 to 175 km in length.

Dreadnought Edit

Dreadnoughts are very large ships that can hold many ships. They also can have very complicated paths to driving it.

Higher than 200 km in length, these ships are extremely large.

Carriers Edit

The largest of the ships. These things are very dangerous to avoid. They have ships inside a ship, hence their name.

Higher than 250-300 km in length, these dominate many ships.

Dominators Edit

Dominators are large ships that can harbor smaller carriers. There are 5 dominators, each having 8 to 10 carriers.

Higher than 350-400 km in length, these are the size of even asteroids.

Titanics Edit

These are dominating ships that can affect all the ships. They can hold smaller Dominators with the Carriers. Ships in ships in a ship. Only 1 is in here.



Miners Frigates Frigaters Destroyers Cruisers B.Cruisers B.Ships Dreadnoughts Carriers Dominators Titanics
Wasp Phantom Reaver Orion Cyclops Nemesis Camel Apocalypse 2.0 Hevnetier Spectre Sixfold
Tango Osprey Nova Armageddon Zeus Apocalypse Blaster Nemesis 2.0 Revelation Bomber
Harvestor Prion Queen Hunter Ridgebreaker Hevnetier Hawklight Stormbringer Gunslinger
I. Miner Pterodactyl Crusher Piercer (NEW) Stormbringer Breaker Rhino Gideon
Ad. Miner Archeon Warlock Man-O-War Havoc Stardestroyer
Archangel Puncher
Revelation 2.0

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