Sanic Generations

Sanic Ganerashons is the game where Sanic and his friends were absorbed by a portal that led to the world of Clessic Sanic. It is by no surprise, sponsored by Major League Gaming, Mountain Dew and Doritos.

The Swaggy Story Behind It! Edit

Sanic Meets Juhn Cuna sanic! Well Dey Beet Da Wurld Uv Sanic Smellung Hes UrmPuts! Sanic den go fast gotta go fast thru the sanic world the end

Gaemplay Edit

Sanic Ganerashons is a mind blowing game which has fast twists and it's 9000% more confusing than Sanic teh Hegehog. You'll have to go shupah sanic speed to beat all levels, because every nine levels, SHARK ATTACK. There's 500 levels in maximum, hence 50 boss fights, every ten levels is a boss fight.

Trivia Edit

  • Once again, Sonic is the enemy of the game, but this time a more OP variant called Classic Sonic which does xtreme jumps.
  • Unlike the normal, Sanic Ganerashons was released before Sanic Onlusshed. Therefore, because there is trolls enemies, this is the first game with trolls enemies.
  • If you look closely you can see the images were badly photoshopped
  • This is somehow the first time Sanic gets his 3d look
  • Banatrolls are invincible, but in the next games they were turned vulnerable
  • Cooper is Pink Dude's ally, so to patch the Cooper problem, his color is turned brown, and he is renamed to "Pooper"