After the 180th episode (including the nuclear apocalypse that eradicated all Pizza Hut in the world ever, Sanic drives into another universe to work at a pizzaria place the same as Pizza Hut. Except its Taco Hut.

Will he live to make tacos, or will Jesus pray to him to live with 200 mans as they go on heavy misadventures in the reverse Earth?!

Plot Edit

It has been 225 years since a nuclear apocalypse sent by Peridot eradicated the world. No pizza huts were left, so Sanic went fast so hard he went into another time paradox and got into Taco Hut. There's only two choices: keep his job there, or live with 1500 idiots like he has no life?!

Sanic meets a pleb named Snoop Dogg and together they spread memes into this universe, but there is one problem. Everyone is talking too many poops at Taco Hut. The world is becoming polluted with taco diarrhea and Sanic and Snoop Dogg must find Donald Trump to get Pepe the almighty meme to stop the poops so juicy fresh quality memes can spread throughout NoSwagVille which later becomes $w4gV1ll3.

After the 130th episode "Keep Ze Line Movin", Sanic and Snop Dogg, and Donald Trump together build a robot to eradicate diarrhea and return Pizza Hut to it's former glory.

The 150th episode was celebrated on June 2, 2016, and it was soon to be the last on the show.

Info Edit

Currently there is 125 (the original Pizza Hut was downgraded to 180 episodes in total) total episodes (all 35 episodes with 2 or more parts includes a whopping 195).

A sequel movie is known as "A World Between Worlds: Taco Hut VS Pizza Hut".

There was a code that added a ball into Sanicball: 345 201 695 328 155.

Episodes Edit

There is a total of 125 episodes, Include all 35 episodes with 2 or more parts and you'll get a total of 195 episodes. A user must use all his might to add all 195 episodes to the list. Once he does, i will award him to add description to all balls in the upgrades.

Characters Edit

Snoop Dogg, Sanic's inspiration to spread memes into the world of no sweg.

Obama, the MLG man with plenty of Doritos.

Donald Trump, the meme lord.

Hankey The Christmas Poop: a poop that was taken

Doge: wow

John Cena: and his name is...

Cringe Kid: a kid who gets triggered when u say you don't like a video game he likes

Bill Gates: Has all of the Mtn Dew.

Steve Jobs: Has all of the biased Dr. Dre tunes on iTunes but he only lets you use a Mac cuz he said so

Gabe Newell: He helps Sanic get gamez by releasing a Steam Sale

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