Sawneek.EXE is a sooper-sacary version of the YTPer known as Sawneek. He has not made that much of an impression on Sanic, but he has for Sawneek, which is why he's on this wiki. He is rivals with Sanic.EXE and Malleo.EXE, and his sidekick is Tuils Dol.


Sawneek.EXE is a demon from YTP Hell, like Sanic.EXE from MLG Hell, who uses a bleeding Sawneek as his physical form. He can do anything that Sawneek can do, except scarier. He also has Sawneek's randomness ability, except this ability can only make scary things happen to him. He haunted Sawneek for a time until Sawneek finally managed to expel him. He then resurfaced and managed to possess Sawneek and use his body to kill Tuils. Luckily, Sawneek banished Sawneek.EXE from his body with the help of JOHN CENA!!!! and brought Tuils back to life with Tails Doll's rebirth lasers.

Sawneek.EXE has appeared several more times without actually managing to acomplish anything. He once battled Sanic.EXE in a gateway that separates the two Meme Hells, but both were defeated by Ultimate Fyah Malleo and returned to their respective Hells. Ever since then, he has teamed up with Sanic.EXE many times. During one battle with Sawneek, Tuils Dol was killed by Malleo.

He was thought to have been killed due to the catastrophic events of the YTP War, but he later resurfaced. However, he appeared to have amnesia as he thought he was the real Sawneek. He tried to live out Sawneek's daily routine, but he thought that the real Sawneek was an imposter and ultimately had to be shocked back to his senses by Weegee. Surprised that he was not Sawneek, he angrily battled Weegee, who had no choice but to destroy him once and for all with the Weegee Death Stare.