Shedew in Doge form


Super Shedew in Doge form


Hyper Shedew in Doge form

Shedew 2-0


2907523-sanic (1)

Shedew Hegehog is a very strange clone of Shadew Edgehog created by Cate and Doge.

Shedew is very similar to Shadew but also very different. For example, Shadew is in love with Roge Te Bat, but Shedew is strangely in love with MLG Shrek. MLG Shrek hates Shedew but Shedew loves him anyway. Instead of being edgy like Shadew, Shedew is just plain weird. He often strangely just mutters random gibberish. Shedew also possess all the forms that Shadew and Sanic have.

Shedew is often a misspelling of Shadew.

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