Shedew in Doge Form


Super Shedew in Doge form


Hyper Shedew in Doge form

Shedew 2


Shedew 3
he wuz created bi Cate and Doge.
2907523-sanic (1)

shedews texture in sanicball

Shedew iz Sanic butt wif moar ablitlitilityes. Heh cane gogh Super Shedew bi


al severen chaos doritos.lejen sas it.wile Shedew cnsomsall sevrn kaos doritos wile smockn weed, heh bcoms Hyper Shedew.(sanic can gohighper as well) Hyper Shedew iz spposed 2 flsh clors buttdue 2 me beng cheep i didnt mke it flsh.he cane us Caoz Kuntroal hehaza Doge form.

shedew hegehog(sometims nmed edgi sanic, du to hw he cn do everyting sanic hegehog cane but edgir) iz teh rvl sanic hegehog. Shedew licez noutin diaw bekauz ian shedew yuh kahn hiar diaw.Daht miens hi lickez nountin diaw.  

The Biography Of Sir Shedew Edit

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