Shoop da whoop laser



-Shoop Da Whoop, just before he fires a laser.

Shoop Da Whoop is a strange sort of being. He looks like a red mouth with eyes, and he loves firin lasers. Preferably at people. His full name is Shoopeth Theth Awhoopeth, but he goes by Shoop Da Whoop instead.

Origin And History Edit

One day, Weegee decided to eat some lasers with a dash of pepper spray cause he was feeling hungry. It didn't mix very well in his Pesky Plumber system, so he pooped it out. The Weegee poop slowly morphed into the red mouth you see now. Shoop Da Whoop believes it's his duty to fire lasers. That's why he always appears randomly and fires lasers at people. He also believes that it is his sworn duty to wipe out stupid planets that don't make much sense, which is usually what he does.

Seeking out the source of why so many planets were getting blown up in obviously photo-shopped explosions, The King found Shoop Da Whoop. He fired his Dinner Blaster, but Shoop simply ate the dinner and blew The King up.

For hundreds of years, Shoop Da Whoop went around firing lasers at anyone he could find, until Weegee saw the abomination he created and hated it. He sealed Shoop Da Whoop off in YTP Hell, until he was freed by a magical toaster. He always said that he would repay the toaster someday.


Shoop Da Whoop in his "Imperfect Cell" form.

Shoop Da Whoop continued blowing up worlds, until he discovered the existence of another universe: the MLG Universe. He traveled there and decided to blow up Sanic's home planet. He was encountered by the hegehog, who battled Shoop Da Whoop and managed to defeat him. Shoop Da Whoop retreated, but vowed to return.

He then became best friends with Ronald McDonald Trump, another evil and greedy person. He decided now to dedicate his life to two things: killing Weegee, and blowing up Sanic's world. It was tricky, because Weegee could resist Shoop's lasers, but with the help of Ronald McDonald Trump, he decided to do it.

Shoop and McDonald Trump both attacked Weegee at the exact same time while Weegee was asleep. At first, Weegee was able to resist Shoop's lasers and was beating him up, but then Ronald McDonald Trump used his "Small Loan Of A Million Big Macs" attack to cause Big Macs to rain from the sky and clobber Weegee. Then, Shoop Da Whoop blasted Weegee with his lasers. But, Weegee survived and teleported away. This caused Shoop Da Whoop to fall into depression for 2 years.

When he recovered, Shoop Da Whoop attacked Sawneek, and the two entered a laser battle. However, the Weegeehog used his speed to beat Shoop Da Whoop and finished him off with a Meme Dash attack. Shoop then gained Sawneek as an enemy and sought out his old friend Ronald to help him out in defeating Sawneek. The two battled him and the Weegeehog was close to losing. However, his old rival Zonic helped out Sawneek and the two beat Shoop and Ronald. In the end, Sawneek Falcon Punched Ronald McDonald Trump and obliterated him.

How-to-draw-shoop-da-whoop-face 1 000000021431 5

Manga-Style Shoop Da Whoop.

Somehow, Ronald survived the Falcon Punch, as Shoop Da Whoop found him later. They decided to fuse together into a new being: Shoop Da McDonald Trump. This new fusion traveled to the MLG Universe and attacked Sanic, beating him to within an inch of his life. Taels took him to the hospital and Shoop Da McDonald Trump continued to wreck havoc. However, Sawneek found Sanic in the hospital and fused with him using some Potara Earings he just got, forming Saneek. The new fusion found Shoop Da McDonald Trump and effortlessly beat him. In the end, he used Falcon Punch to destroy both memes.

Ronald McDonald Trump apparently died, but Shoop's durability allowed him to survive the blast, and he drifted in outer space until he was found by a space dude, who healed him with some Mountain Dew. The Dew somehow mixed into his DNA and gave him MLG powers for 24 hours. (Hey, that rhymed!) Shoop thanked the space dude and returned to the YTP universe, where he used his temporary powers to become super-rich.

Now that he was rich, Shoop was able to settle down, buy a golden mansion with golden plums and stuff like that, and also buy a bunch of wives for himself. The King attempted to sue Shoop Da Whoop for bigamy, but he got super-mad about that and fired his laser, resulting in The King's death and another photo-shopped explosion. Shoop also discovered that he had accidentally taught himself the move Falcon Punch from Saneek using the move on him. This was very useful, as Falcon Punch is a very powerful move.

Weegee, despite hating his creation, tried to get Shoop Da Whoop to join his team for The YTP War, but Shoop wasn't interested and said no.

Nowadays, Shoop Da Whoop still blows things up with his lasers, and he likes that. He also likes being rich, because previously he had no money at all. Who he doesn't like is Sanic and also Weegee, but he has never been able to destroy him. He tried to strike at Weegee by killing Walleo, but it didn't work cause Weegee didn't care about Walleo in the first place.

Powers And AbilitiesEdit

Shoop Da Whoop's most recognized ability, of course, is the ability to fire lasers at people. Shoop's lasers can destroy almost anything in one blast, except for super-powerful beings like Weegee, cause they're made of memey energy. When he blows things up with his lasers, it makes a giant explosion that looks totally photo-shopped. To help Shoop out, he can also teleport, but he doesn't have any control over where he goes, like Sawneek. This causes him to appear out of nowhere and fire lasers at people, resulting in MOAR explosions. Shoop can also survive in very harsh conditions like space, a black hole or Retarted Meme Land. When he got stuck in a black hole, he just fired a laser at it and it blew up. He has also shown to have enough durability to survive a Falcon Punch from Saneek and later taught himself how to use that very move himself, despite not having any hands. Shoop can even use his mouth to BITE people.


Shoop Da Whoop is very one minded, as he doesn't think of anything other than firin lasers. He is also very violent, being driven to fire lasers at people with little reasoning behind it, and he isn't exactly the smartest of the bunch. Surprisingly, however, he is actually very friendly to people who gain his trust. He is also an incredibly greedy person, shown when he used his temporary MLG powers to get rich instead of do anything else.

Shoop Da Whoop's Forms Edit

By merging with other objects, Shoop Da Whoop can change form and gain their powers and abilities. Here are some of the many forms Shoop Da Whoop can take on...

*Shoop Da Ceiling Cat: By merging with a Ceiling Cat, Shoop Da Whoop becomes Shoop Da Ceiling Cat and gains the VERY USEFUL ability of watching people masterbate.

Shoop da Ceiling Cat by Little Lovely

*Shoop Da Hydra: By merging with the legendary Hydra, Shoop Da Whoop becomes Shoop Da Hydra and gains five different heads attached to a terrifying reptilian body.


*Shoop Da Lions: By merging with the Lions from Lion King, Shoop Da Whoop gains access to this form. Now he can fire his lasers with a bit of lion to them!!!

*Shoop Da Nyan Cat: By merging with Nyan Cat, Shoop Da Whoop gains access to this form. Now he can sing annoying songs, harness the power of rainbows, AND fire lasers!!!

*Shoop Da McDonald Trump: Created when Shoop Da Whoop merges with his friend Ronald McDonald Trump. The picture was so stupid, I couldn't put it in here.

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