Supah Sawneek


Shupa Sawneek is an alternate form of Sawneek the Weegeehog. This form is super-powerful, is nearly completely invincible, and can move at speeds rivaling Super Sanic. He also has access to all of Sawneek's powers and abilities. He is attained from collecting the 7 Cayohs Emolds.

Usage Edit

Shupa Sawneek appeared in the hit video game "Sawneek the Weegeehog" as a form that Sawneek can use after collecting all 7 Cayohs Emolds. In this state, Sawneek can fly, is completely immune to all attacks [except for Weegee's lasers] and has peak strength and speed. However, the form is hampered by a 30-minute time limit. All in all, it is NOT a form you want to mess with. In real life, Sawneek has this form as well, as he used it to battle Weegee and Malleo in the YTP Universe. However, the two Pesky Plumbers beat Shupa Sawneek with a combo-laser attack.

Shupa Sawneek appeared again when he challenged Super Sanic to a battle. The two super-powerful forms battled to a standstill, and after three rounds of fighting, ended in a tie. He also used the form in the YTP War when battling Weegee and used it AGAIN in another fight with Sanic.

Toon Shupa Sawneek Edit

Toon Shupa Sawneek

The creepy Toon Shupa Sawneek, a combination of two of Sawneek's most powahful forms.

When Sawneek uses the Cayohs Emolds in Toon form, he can access Toon Shupa Sawneek. This form is far more powerful than both of the forms he's made up of, but his 30-minute time limit has shortened to just 10 minutes of use. However, his attacks recieve a huge upgrade from the kind of attacks that Shupa Sawneek and Toon Sawneek have, which all-in-all makes this form a powerhouse.

Trivia Edit

When Sawneek tried to use the Chaos Doritos on himself, nothing happened as Sawneek is not MLG.

Interestingly, Saneek, the fusion of Sanic and Sawneek, can use both Sanic's Super form and Sawneek's Shupa form, as using the Cayohs Emolds turns him into Shupa Saneek and using the Chaos Doritos turns him into Super Saneek.

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