Skapper is a good friend of Lil Sanic and Sanic. Skapper comes from Lil Sanic's home dimension and has frequently partnered with Lil Sanic. Skapper is so powerful, that his strength in his base form rivals that of Super Sanic.


Not much is known about the mysterious Skapper. He looks like a green version of Lil Sanic, but with MLG shades on and a yellow hat on his head. Skapper wields a sword made of Doritos, which he keeps with him at all times.

This is all the information known about Skapper at the time, but we will continue to learn more and more stuff about him. One thing we do know is that he is almost perfect at MLG No-Scoping and Quick-Scoping. He nearly beat Super Sanic and did beat Sanic and Lil Sanic teamed up.

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