Spoderman is a super-sweggy friend of Dolan Duk. Spoderman was born with special spoder powers, and when his uncle was killed, he decided to become Spoderman and devote his life to having lots of swag and trolling people. Spoderman misspells all of his words, and likes calling people "fagits." He is a major rival of Sanic.

Powers and Abilities Edit



Spoderman's major power is his major swagness. His swagness gives him the power to troll even people with special troll blocks and gives him a natural ability to No-Scope people. Spoderman also has an invisible "Swag Shield" that protects him from attacks. Spoderman has many other powers as well, including his vast speed, which rivals Sanic's own, and his special Spoder Sense, which warns him of incoming attacks. Additionally, he is a master at all things MLG, and his "MLG Belt" is packed with all kinds of supplies, like Doritos (these boost his strength), Mountain Dew (this heals him), and weed (this boosts his special moves) as well as standard noscoper and quickscoper guns. Spoderman may seem nearly unstoppable, but he does have one major weakness. While trying to trash-talk Spoderman, if you make a very clever joke about his dead Uncle Ben, he will get trolled very hard, and this can vastly weaken him. Fighters such as Dolan, Botmen, Dedpul, and others have used this weakness to his advantage.

As said before, Spoderman is a major rival to Sanic. As soon as Spoderman saw him, he thought he was a lame fagit, and challenged him to a battle. In their first battle, Spoderman seemed unstoppable due to his major swagness, and not even Super Sanic could beat him. Sanic was coached by Dolan about Sanic's weakness, though, and in their second battle, Sanic made a joke about Uncle Ben so hard that Spoderman was one-shot, and admitted defeat. They have continued to be rivals and frenemies, but have been forced to team up on multiple occasions, such as in a battle with Weegee and Malleo.

Spoderman's Magical Encounter With SawneekEdit

One day, Spoderman was walkin, and walkin, and walkin, and walkin. But then, Sawneek the Weegeehog appeared out of nowhere (WAT) and zapped him with a laser. Spoderman, however, was way too sweggy for Sawneek to handle, and blocked every one of Sawneek's attacks. It all seemed hopeless until Sawneek pulled out his sooper-secret weapon: Elmer's Glue. Sawneek glued Spoderman to a magical rainbow wall that just decided to appear out of nowhere. Sawneek then applied Headshot to defeat Spoderman. And that was it.