Sunky occasionally sunks?

Sunky is a parody of Sonic.EXE. Instead of trying to kill his friends, Sunky tries to make his friends happy with his demonic powers. Instead of being sadistically smart like Sonic.EXE, Sunky is innocent, naive and childlike. With his friends Males and Nickles, Sunky strives to make his home perfect.

History and Interactions with SanicEdit

"Sunky the game" and "Sunky the game II" Edit

Sunky becomes a playable character, along with Knackles and Males. He likes only Top Chef France.

Sunky the Movie Edit

Sunky, along with Knackles, Males, Amy Nose, Bin the Dinamete and Doktor Aggman appear at Sunky the Movie.

Sunky the game 3 Edit

His favourite song is "Sunky - the Game!!"



Sunky! I'm Sunky!

MLG Sonic blooper character!

I'm SUNKY, the hedgehog!

Now begin the adventure!



Three, two, one!

Sunky - the Game!!

Sunky - the Game!!

I've got friends - Knuckles, Males,

Bin the Dinamete and Amy Rose!

Three, two, one! GO!!

Let's go, come on!

Sunky - the Game!!

Sunky - the Game!!

5, 4, 3, 2, 1, let's go!

Come on, let's go!

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