Super hyper swap force infinity barbie lol skylanders bros extreme world ben 20 super dark hallooween ninja edition is game made by Nintendo.Game is actually made in RPG maker.sanic is in the game.


Shsfiblsbewb10sdhne playable characters


Shsfiblsbewb10sdhne Unlockable characters


One day Mario found a star who was from the sky.That star was a trap.Mario get trapped and other heroes too.Bowser kidnapped Peach. Now heroes must save Peach and defeat Bowser.


Sonic E.X.E

Metal Sonic

Metal Amy

Metal Tails

Metal Knuckles

Metal Shadow

Metal Silver

Dark Rayman

Purple guy


Mouse king(Barbie in the nutcracker)


Cate(Doge enemy)



chapter 1:You Mario in the trapped you must knock five times to cage to be free.After that you have enemy's on your way like Goomba's,Koopa's and Foot clan ninjas.Next you see 2 cage's in those cage's King Julian and Teemo.You knock seventy times to cages to free them.after free them the chapter end.

Chapter 2:You in the burned city.Sonic E.X.E attack you.You must defeat him by 31 punches.Next you get attacked by metal sonic gang.You unnlock skill(after defeating sonic exe) for mario it's cold Super coins.After 45 punches you defeat the gang and king julian,Teemo and Mario level up.


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