Super Sanic is a powered up form of Sanic teh hotdoog. With the use of the seven Chaos doritos, sanic will be able to turn into Super Sanic. Super Sanic is part of the MLG clan and he supports weed, Snoop Dogg, and Doritos! hes alos exreme fastness!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

he jest gets fester and fester!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111

Super Sanic
Super Sanic
Super Sanic, made by Tonic.
Creation Date Unknown
Physical attributes
Colour Yellow
Abilities Speed and MLGness
Aliases None
Game Appearances Sanic Ball
TV Show Appearances NaN


Sanic BallEdit

Super Sanic's most known appearance is in Sanic Ball . He's the last character in the game.

According to BK-TN, Super Sanic was originally added to Sanicball as a Aprill Fools' joke, but due to the game receiving popularity as a result of MLG parodies featuring Super Sanic on Sanicball, BK-TN then left Super Sanic as a regular character in the game.

Super Sanic is very fast and very floaty. During gameplay, the screen has an overlay featuring MLG related things.



  • It's hard to notice, but in Sanic Ball, Super Sanic's trail has a weed pattern on it.
  • Super Sanic's abillities in Sanic Ball don't change once the Shrek Easter Egg is in play.
  • Sanic Uis de Powaaa Pal

ye Soneic


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