Super Sanic God is an alternate form for Sanic Hegehog. It first appeared in the video "Sanic Turns Into Super Sanic God" and is very similar to SSG Weegee, a form of Weegee.

To use Super Sanic God, Sanic must recieve energy from Taels, Shadew, Jesus, Gaben and Knackles in a special ritual. If done correctly, he will transform into Super Sanic God. This form is super-OP and effortlessly took out Godgee at 10% of his power. It is unknown how Super Sanic God would fare if he faced off against 100% Godgee.

Powers And Abilities Edit

As Super Sanic God has not been seen besides his video appearance, I'm just gonna go over the powers he showed in that video. Super Sanic God, of course, can go very FEST. In the video, Godgee was unable to do anything against the hegehog. In contrast, Super Sanic God was able to pound Godgee with super-fast blows in all directions. These blows actually showed to be able to damage Godgee, the most powerful form of Weegee, putting Super Sanic God's abilities at at least god-rank. In the end, he used a powerful move titled MLG 420 X 69, a move which involved Sanic putting dank shades on, then blasting Godgee with a gigantic beam. This beam obliterated Godgee and achieved world peace.

Super Sanic God also has the ability to warp time and space to suit his desires. This, of course, is super-OP and has vanquished many scrubs, but it costs Sanic nearly all of his energy and could kill him if he uses it extensively. Because of this ability, Super Sanic God can travel from universe to universe, distort the laws of psychics, and even travel through time itself.

Stupor Smesh BrersEdit

Super Sanic God appeared as a secret character in Stupor Smesh Brers. He was the strongest character in the game, tied with Godgee. He is also the only character besides Godgee who has a God-level rank and is the fastest character in the whole game.

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