Super Sanic World is a super-crappy video game that was an obvious copier to Super Mario World. The game, released 420 days after Super Mario World, was so terribly made it was instantly pulled. Ever since then, no copies of "Super Sanic World" have ever been produced.

The game featured Sanic rolling around at the speed of sound to fight the evil Pingas, who has kidnapped his girlfriend Ammy Ros. It featured 420 levels, all terribly made, and filled with lame glitches.

It was the worst video game of all time and is now in 2nd place, 1st place being Sanic 06. However, it has never appeared on any "Worst Game Ever" lists because it was so bad it was kept a secret from the entire world. The only known 420 copies were eventually destroyed by the Iluminati and RickRolled.

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