Taelz Doll

Taels Doll is the best friend of Sanic.EXE. This rouge doll was created by Sanic.EXE as he was friendless and super-desperate. Taels Doll functions as Sanic.EXE's sidekick and joined the I Suck Society. He can do many things, like shooting Mountain Dew lasers from his eyeballs and can also float in the air. He can even teleport. When Sanic.EXE died, Taels Doll went into mourning and had to go see Dr. Weegee. Eventually, Taels Doll learned that his lasers could bring back the dead, so he resurrected Sanic.EXE.

Taels Doll played a key role in the Third MLG\YTP Total War. He fought Taels a second time and was blown to bits by Moar Krans, but regenerated himself. He now does nothing but creepily stalk anyone he can find.

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