The Magic Spice is the 2 episode of Sanic Works At Pizza Hut. It's a mini love story taking place in Ame's house, with Ame, Maggie, Anime Sanic, Marx, Magolor, Molly, Bonnie, Freddy, Chica and Sanic visiting her house in east Wroclaw, Feburary 13. They also get to play in the snow, as it's chilly outside.

The story first involves Maggie (Magolor's 13 year old sister) playing monopoly with Ame and the gang.

Cast of Episode Characters Edit

  • Bonnie, Freddy and Chica
  • Maggie, Magolor, Marx and Molly
  • Kirby and Ame
  • Sanic and Anime Sanic
  • Drunk elderly man next to Ame's house who loves watching British sitcoms
  • Pizza lady who sends the gang free giant chocolate-drizzled brownie cookie with strawberries and cream

Episode Story Edit

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Trivia Edit

  • Flowey the flower appear as a cameo