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trtf 6 is 6th islamment of trtf series

animatronics Edit

torture withered: Edit

withered torture lockjaw

withered torture sugar

withered torture vigo

wwithered torture chica

Wither Minccraft steve

wither minecraft alex

NEW!: Edit





10 4Kids employees

Food babe

and those creepy fundy

kIT-kAT Pizza

Green-tea Walking Kit-Kat with pretty legs


endo 01


The King!


Katamari who rolls up stuff

Ten Sailor Dees

Mortal Kombat guys

Prince of the Polo

Twilight Sparkle

Mickey mouse



Noddy named Matt (kirby's friend)

mcdanalds empluyeeh

toaster man

Marx soul

Landia soul


Mikey the Sailor Dee

Axe Knight/Mr. Axe

Macey/Mace KNIGHT

Captain vul

Bumpy the bronto burt

loominarty who throews a PARTAY!

sailor moon

5 fundies from texas usa

Magolor soul



Whisper from yokai watch

Jibanyan from yokai watch

Adam from yokai watch

several yokai spirits

Baku the Nightmare-Eating Yokai

Miku hatsune and Froody

meachanics Edit

trivia Edit

  • Magolor is cameo in cam 7
  • Link's head appears in cam 3 and says "What are all those heads?"
  • Jibanyan appears in cam 6 making Bowser-Bread toast in a toaster. He asks "You got any chocolate bar or tuna on hand?"

cams Edit

  • cam 7:here elsa,doge,sanic,kirby and endo 01 starts
  • Cam 3:Here is bathroom and link head toasting spagheti in toster
  • cam 4:Here is Whisper and Bumpy and Adam eating masive chocolate cake at table, smiling and chatting their secret world domination plans...
  • Cam 9: Macey and Mikey kissing eachother in bed and reading book about tosting spagheti and tost
  • cam 2: Magolor and Marx making spagheti for malleo and weegee while malleo and weegee read women magazine about trimming toenails and mommy bloggers
  • cam 12: Froody and Sugar hiding in hallway
  • cam 13:Here Lockjaw and Vigo starts
  • Cam 1:Golden Bonnie starts here and reading spaghjetii
  • tba