yep my own FNAS. its pretty mlg than the last game. here's the animatronics.


Won - Ruse of teh Gardens

  • Sanic (From Sanic)
  • Rice (From The Zombie Chasers)
  • Arle (From Puyo Puyo)
  • Chris (From Impossible Quiz)
  • Taels (From Sanic)
  • Knuckles (From Sonic Boom)

Too - Rehirod

  • Sonic (From Sonic Boom, old version of Sanic)
  • Zomb-rice (From The Zombie Chasers, Book 3 and 4)
  • Old Arle (From Puyo Puyo but Madou Monagatri version)
  • Phlovomite (From Impossible Quiz, mentioned by the Phone Caller that Chris broke down so they had to replace it)
  • Tails (From Sonic Boom, old version of Taels)
  • New Sanic (From Sanic)
  • Anime Rice (From The Zombie Chasers, but looks change into an anime)
  • New Arle (From Puyo Puyo but 3d)
  • Fwarl (From Puyo Puyo Quest)
  • Greap (From Puyo Puyo Quest)
  • Empusa (From Puyo Puyo Quest)
  • Monica (From Puyo Puyo Quest)
  • Zack (From The Zombie Chasers)
  • Knackles (From Sanic Ball)
  • Bendy (From Bendy and The Ink Machine)
  • Ompoo (From Midnight Horror School)
  • Shadew (From Sanic, it's actually Shadow with Shadew's Sanic Ball face onto it's face)
  • Glover (From Glover)

Tree - Dork Ongel Awteck/Bondy an teh Pink Muchine

  • Edgar (From Puyo Puyo Quest)
  • Scrambled
  • Sawneek (From Sawneek)
  • Taels (From Sunky Bum)
  • Doppel Prince (Made by TheSingrettsisback)
  • Chris (From Puyo Puyo Quest)
  • Zombie Ozzie (From The Zombie Chasers book 5)
  • Bondy
  • Warhowg Sawneek (From Sawneek)
  • Lincoln Loud (From Loud House)
  • Peacock (From Skullgirls)

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