Wiisps are little MLG fairies that are allies with Sanic teh hegehog. They come in a wide array of colors and eyeballs. They make sanic go fast by they powers and give him mlg doritos

Personality and Floating... Edit

Wiisps are generally highly sociable, friendly and charming as a button! Some are cute and outgoing, while others are more on the tough and rough side.

Their lightweight, invertebrate and boneless bodies enable them to float and fly in the air happily. Many wiisps are trained and talented in doing air tricks and somersaults.


Yup, they have SHUPAH DANK POWAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dorito Wiisp: Can burn everything including the sun. Shupa dank.

Speed Wiisp: Can rocket propel sanic 20000000000 times the speed of light. Shupah dank.

LOOMINATY Wiisp: Can confirm the Loominaty when it's opponent is SPIKED. SHUPAH DUPAH DANK DORITOS!

Shrek Wiisp: Can make Sanic hover like Shrek, meaning that he can hover above Shrek. Shupa Dank.

Duh Wiisp: No powers. Not Dank.

Tesla Wiisp: Has the ability to buily shupah dank turrets. Shupah Dank.

Heavy Wiisp: Quite literally A HEAVY. Turns into a block which has teh face of the Heavy and can cause mega earthquakes.

Dank Void Wiisp: Can turn everyone dank. SHUPAH DUPAH INFINITY DANK!

Void Wiisp: After Dank Void Wiisp is used, it turns into Void Wiisp which is useless. Very Useless.

Snoop Wiisp: Can spike everything with it's doritos. Dank.

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