Just insert your idea for them,JUST DO IT! Edit

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For Sanic's sake, please show us yer' sprites!

Write your concept name first,how fast it goes,and how large it is,It only ranges from small to large.

  • The Destroyer = It can reach 149 miles,and it is Large.
  • sanik.exe = it can kill everyone and go fast.
  • Hyper Shedew in Doge form- is basically Super Sanic but faster and is more mlg
  • Ameth rose 
  • Spodermen 
  • Juses Crust teh Lard 
  • Magolor-rolls smoothly and slowy and giggles without a single care in the world. May cover eyes with scarf sometimes to protect his eyes from sharp things he rolls on... 
  • Shadow Kirby-EATS EVERYTHING IN HIS PATH...loves chocolate mousse! 
  • Marx- Rollin' like a lunatic!!!! Adores rolling in steep curves! 
  • LOOMYNARTY-confirmed... Triangle Shaped Green Dorito (TSGD)! 
  • Food Babe- lyin' and a rollin'! Babbles hysteria and stuff about thin mints... 
  • John Cena- Can Reach Over 1 Million MLGh 
  • BB8-Perfectly slower 

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